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Corporate & Administration

Clean Coal - Clean Energy
Mural by Dave Naydock
Local artist Dave Naydock commissioned to paint the Reading Anthracite lobby mural.

Board of Directors:

John W. Rich, Jr.- Chairman
Brian R. Rich - Director
Michael Rich - Director
Robert M. Ryan - Director
Terence Ryan - Director
Maria Cantwell - Director

Operating Officers:

Brian R. Rich - President
Michael Rich - Executive Vice President
Mark Pishock - Vice President
John Rampolla - Treasurer

Department Heads:

Jeffery A. Gliem - Director of Operations
Frank D. Derrick - General Manager
James H. Cantwell - Purchasing Manager

Sales Department:

Kevin C. Lescavage - Dealer Sales Representative
Scott D. Kline - Philterkol Sales Representative
Lois A. Correll - Sales - Administrative Assistant
Melissa Jones - Industrial Sales Representative

Accounting and Administration:

Donna B. Kemfort - Credit & Real Estate
Jo Ann C. Korzenaskie - Financial Accountant
Deborah A. Fehr - Executive Secretary
Ricardo A. Muntone - Director of Safety and Special Projects

Lehigh Engineering LLC:

Ted Puschak, P.E - Mining Engineer
Alfred Ty Leinneweber, P.E. - Project Manager
William Anders - Sales Manager/S.E.O.
Andrew Drumheller - Drafting & Design
Rodd White, P.E. - Manager
Michael Hydock - Project Engineer
Corey Parry - E.I.T. / Project Engineer


Chris Kaiser IV - Assistant General Manager
Robert Shellhammer - Maintenance Supervisor
David Imschweiler - Maintenance Coordinator
Seth Huey - Plant Operations Manager
Joseph Kelly - Mine Superintendent
Josh Derrick - Mine Blasting Foreman