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American Green Corporation

American Green Corporation's primary business is using biosolids for surface mine reclamation. This process uses biosolids, flyash and paper waste to produce nutrients and micronutrients that are essential to crop growth and suitable vegetative cover.

In 2005, the company initiated a demonstration project planting Hybrid Poplars in trenches filled with biosolids. These trees reach maturity in eight years.

There are significant environmental benefits from poplar planting. These benefits include revegetation and creation of carbon sink. Carbon sink is plant matter, trees, and grasses that consume carbon monoxide.

In addition, American Green provides general lawn service and sells Christmas trees both retail and wholesale.


Mr. Joseph Brennan, Manager
200 Mahantongo Street
P O Box 1200
Pottsville, PA 17901
Phone 570-622-5150
fax 570-622-2612
America Green