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Gilberton Power Company

Gilberton Power Company's John B. Rich Memorial Power Station, generates over 630 million-kilowatt hours of electricity per year for sale on PJM grid. This is enough electricity to power approximately 65,000 homes. Additionally the plant produces over 80 million pounds of process steam, which is utilized by the Mahanoy Area Correctional Facility, as well as an adjacent industrial facility.

Gilberton Power Company, which was the first Co-Generation plant in this area, utilizes two Pyropower circulating fluidized bed combustors (CFB's). These CFB boilers burn the processed fuel in a low temperature staged combustor utilizing limestone injection to capture sulfur and assure efficient combustion at the lowest possible emission levels.

In addition to all its benefits to the community and State of PA, Gilberton Power Company eliminates over 2 million tons of waste culm per year, employs more than 100 people at the power plant, fuel processing facility, and related operations.

Gilberton Power Company