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Schuylkill Energy Resources, Inc

Schuylkill Energy Resources, Inc. (SER) is a 100-megawatt anthracite culm-fired cogeneration facility located in Mahanoy Township, Schuylkill County.

The 80 million watts of electrical generation produced by Schuylkill Energy Resources is sold to Pennsylvania Power & Light or direct to wholesale customers.

SER serves as a reliable supply of electricity using waste coal and culm banks for the production of electricity.

SER helps to tell the entire reclamation story of the area by using culm banks.

  • Culm banks are used for the production of electricity
  • Mined pits are filled with ash
  • Limestone is added to the acidic culm to make alkaline ash
  • This reclamation restores the water table


Mr. Alex Brush, General Manager
P O Box 112
Shenandoah, PA 17976
Phone 570-462-2822
fax 570-462-3224