Reading Anthracite’s Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

Our Responsibility
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At Reading Anthracite our responsibility as individuals and community members are reflected in our commitment to sustainability.

We demonstrate this through continuous improvements and our commitment to efficient use of natural resources, while ensuring compliance with environmental requirements.

  • AIR: Sustain clean and healthy air.

  • ENERGY: Generate clean energy and use it efficiently.

  • LAND: Support ecologically sensitive land management and development.

  • CONSERVATION & INNOVATION : Shift to environmentally preferable technology.

  • WATER: Sustain water resources to ensure quality and availability for desired uses.

Environmental Policy

Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal

Reading Anthracite Company is committed to implementing high standards of environmental performance across all of its operational mines, exploration sites and properties. We are committed to minimizing the negative impact of our day to day operations and maximizing the positive impacts and benefits for future generations.

Our Commitment

We Are Committed To:

  • Operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner with continued focus on carbon mitigation.
  • Encouraging the use of new technologies and processes to reduce our impact on the environment and climate.
  • Comply with relevant environmental laws, regulations and other environmental requirements applicable to Reading Anthracite.
  • Strive to continue to improve environmental performance and apply good practices in environmental management.
Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal
Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal

Environmental Stewardship

Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal

Reading Anthracite acknowledges our potential for environmental impact on the communities in which we operate. We continuously strive to minimize theses effects by evaluating our operation and technologies with new opportunities. We conduct operations in an environmentally sound manner, recognizing the accountability and responsibility extends from the individual employee through all levels of the organization.

Air Quality

We are proud to achieve emission standards and renewable energy milestones. In an effort to participate and support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, we continue to reclaim and reforest areas in and around our operating mine. To date, over one thousand acres have been replanted and reclaimed. We strive for 100% compliance with all federal, state and local agencies’ regulations to protect air quality.

Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal

Alternative Energy

Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal
Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal

Reading Anthracite Company has committed 350 acres to develop a 50-megawatt commercial grade solar farm. This clean power generation will be supplied through the electric generation grid for years to come.

Our partnership with our electric generating company also supplies renewable energy credits for companies to apply toward their impact on carbon emissions on the regional electricity grid.

These impactful energy credits are in compliance with state and local requirements.

Energy Conservation

At Reading Anthracite we know energy reduction saves our environment and benefits our business. We continually develop and implement energy efficiency projects. Our employees recognize the significance of environmental concerns and the impact of their work, and conduct their activities in an environmentally sound manner.

Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal
Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal

Reading Anthracite has shifted one third of our business to investing in technology and equipment to support steel producers that use EAF (Electric Arc Furnaces) technology. The energy for this process comes from waste steam from our reclamation efforts, (instead of fossil fuels), thereby reducing emissions that effect climate change.

The steel producing partners produce sustainable low carbon emission steel products, lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Our continued collaboration with steel companies’ embracing this technology, and our mindful processes are important goals toward responsible environmental impact.

Water Quality and Conservation

Reading Anthracite recognizes the importance of clean water and how scarcity of water can pose risk to our operations and the communities surrounding us.

Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal


Reading Anthracite | Mother Nature's Clean Coal

Reading Anthracite Company has invested capital in equipment that supports industry standards for reduced carbon output. Our new equipment include Tier 4 engine technology designed to decrease emissions to comply with EPA standards as set forth by the Department of Energy.

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