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Clean Coal - Clean Energy

The Reading Anthracite Company is a leading anthracite coal mining company and active supporter and innovator of alternative energy solutions.

Regional and Domestic

Anthracite coal is a core energy, carbon and media solution to regional and national manufacturing industries, waste treatment & water filtration plants, and heating solutions for residential, commercial and institutional needs.

The Reading Anthracite Company fuels the regional economy by providing hundreds of jobs directly and indirectly. Electricity and coal produced in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania is Schuylkill County's single largest export and this energy industry represents the backbone of this region's rail infrastructure. Schuylkill County's power generation plants provide power annually to every home in this county and most of Berks County. This power is provided to over 400,000 people and over 165,000 homes.

Foreign & Overseas

The Reading Anthracite Company is an energy and media solutions partner to industries and municipalities around the world.

From Europe to Asia, from the Canadian Provinces to the Caribbean/Latin American Basin and Southern Hemisphere, anthracite mined and delivered by the Reading Anthracite Company can meet the specification and volume for energy, carbon, and media supply for industrial scale use.

With a convenient proximity to the major rail and seaport hubs, Reading Anthracite offers timely and efficient delivery capabilities.

Reading Anthracite Coal

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Reading Anthracite Coal