Coal Heating – Residential, Businesses & Institutions

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Heating - Residential, Businesses & Institutions

By bag, truck, or freight, Reading Anthracite meets the demands for residential, commercial businesses, and institutional uses.

Reading Anthracite provides large scale heating needs to universities, medical facilities, and government agencies.

  • Residential
  • Small Business
  • Large Scale – Industrial Space Heating
  • Institutional – Government – Collegiate / Universities
  • Supplimental Heating – Small & Large Scale

And, for home or small business use, coal stoves provide an economical heating alternative as a main or supplemental heat source.

Heating - Residential, Businesses & Institutions
Heating – Residential, Businesses & Institutions

For details regarding your specific applications, please contact the Commercial/Residential Heating Sales Division at Reading Anthracite Company by telephone 570-622-5150 or conveniently emailing Reading Commercial/Residential Heating Sales.

Reading Anthracite | Heating - Residential - Commercial - Institutional

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