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The Reading Anthracite Company provides multi-grade hard coal products for power generation, metallurgical refining and processing, fuel for electric power plants, fuel for residential/commercial heating and water filtration/purification.

Reliable supply, consistent quality, and a geographic location in close proximity to major east-coast transportation hubs, enables Reading Anthracite to deliver volume and meet specification requirements on a consistent scheduling time line.

Anthracite Coal Products and Services - Effective Filter Media - Philterkol
Water & Sewage Treatment Filter Media

Philterkol ® by Reading Anthracite has been used successfully by hundreds of industrial and municipal plants throughout the world.

Philterkol is a carefully selected and graded Anthracite which is hydraulically classified and screened to yield sizes suitable for various filtering applications. Philterkol is insoluble in acid & alkaline waters.
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Anthracite Coal - Indistrial Usage

The Reading Anthracite Company delivers standard or custom carbon specifications to industrial manufacturers who require a reliable source of high-grade carbon.

Reading Anthracite is a major national and global energy producer and has the capacity to deliver industrial volume requirements on a consistent schedule.
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Anthracite Coal for Residential, Commercial & Institutional Heating

Anthracite Coal is the most economical fuel for supplying heat and hot water on the market today.

Anthracite coal burning equipment provides warmth and comfort to domestic and commercial establishments in a clean, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally accepted manner.
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Anthracite Coal for Coal Fired Pizza | Restaurants

We deliver bagged coal on palletes to locations nation-wide.

Your restaurant and eating establishment can be assured of a high-quality / high BTU product and dependable delivery of the preferred heat-source for coal fired pizzas, cooking and specialty applications.
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